Data Cable Replacement

A few months back, I had a misprint, which gave me a chuckle:

I didn’t think much of it, and reprinted the canvas. It happened again. At this point, I adjusted the print to avoid that spot (roughly 16″ from the origin) so I could get the final product done, and started researching the cause. After some time it became apparent that the Data Cable, which goes from the motherboard to the print heads, needed to be replaced.

I figured it would take 30 minutes or so. It took closer to 5 hours.

While binge-watching “Making a Murderer,” I followed instructions and got it done, finally going to bed around 4am. It was terrifying because I had never taken more than an ink cartridge out of the printer to this point, and I really didn’t want to mangle the printer. I found the service manual online and followed instructions the best I could, and everything went relatively well.

2 Things that happened in the process:

  1. I was able to clean a lot of dust and particles out of the printer. I’ve only had it for about a year, but it probably hasn’t seen a good cleaning for a long time, and obviously needed it.
  2. Seeing the insides of the printer, I really learned a lot about its operations and what makes it tick. I love mechanical things!

I am mildly offended that I managed to break down 5 hours of stress, energy, and sweat into 2 minute compilation video with bouncy, happy music. Thankfully, you can’t see half of the mistakes I made.

At any rate, it prints without the streak now!

A quick test on the original offending image


Addendum: I guess I lied. I have replaced the print heads, which is only slightly more difficult than replacing an ink tank.

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